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South Florida Elite F.C. is; an International Boarding Program, A Professional Placement Program and a complete Youth Soccer Club.  We offer training for players 6U to Adult.  Programs range from the full time boarding program that places emphasis on preparing players for International Placement and allows a player to be completely immersed in the soccer culture to a twice a week introductory program that emphasis fun, basic techniques, team spirit and fair play.

While the programs are very different, our philosophy is similar.  Not only do we want to be better than our competition, we want to assist each individual soccer player to become the best player they can be.  Our players are our family and the field of play is our home.  At the younger age groups our goal is to instill a philosophy of fun and a love of the game.  A player that enjoys the game and the training will train harder, longer and more often.  The end result is a better and more dedicated player.  We then add in correction and positive reinforcement to build the basic skills the player will need and provide a solid foundation.  Every year we add difficulty and more advanced techniques as well as keeping previously learned skills sharp.

As we progress we offer a competitive team that trains 3 to 4 nights a week in a team setting.  If a player’s ability and desire allows, S.F.E.F.C. can provide a more elite group that trains 3 mornings a week and joins the team in 3 to 4 team training sessions in the evening.

Our highest level is a Full Time Boarding and International Placement Program.  This program is for the elite player who wants to focus all his energy on soccer.  Just like most European Academies, players in this program live in our boarding facility.  Everything is provided by our Club including; nutritious meals, uniforms, laundry, leagues to play in, small group personalized morning training sessions, evening team sessions, transportation and recreation.  We train the boarders mentally as well as physically.  As they progress through the program, we place emphasis on coaching the player to be successful at tryouts.  If the player completes this phase of training, we arrange professional tryouts both in the U.S. and around the world.  We regularly place players on both college and professional teams.  Other clubs offer trips to Europe for the experience.  We only bring players that are prepared and only go to clubs that are prepared to accept a player if they prove themselves at the tryouts.  S.F.E.F.C. will not waste time or money on trips to just experience a foreign club.  When the player is ready, we will arrange legitimate tryouts for them.

South Florida Elite F.C. offers online schooling for players still in school.  For students who want to attend a physical school S.F.E.F.C. has partnered with an I20 school that allows students to attend school 2 to 3 times a week and train the alternate mornings.  Education doesn’t stop there; we educate players on sports nutrition, injury prevention and all the mental aspects of the game.

South Florida Elite F.C. maintains partnerships and relations with clubs around the world and has affiliates here in Florida as well.  The affiliate clubs here in Florida operate under our FYSA and provide our players additional opportunities to train and play.  In the world of soccer, relationships outside your own club are critical to provide players with true opportunities.  We pride ourselves on our ability to build and maintain working relationships with top clubs from both S. America and Europe.  S.F.E.F.C. players receive the benefits of these relationships.


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